This was recently posted by our comrades at Onkwehón:we Rising: Onkwehón:we Rising is a revolutionary internet-based project. It’s primary focus is revolutionary pan-native national liberation struggles. The intention of it is to grow into an ever more collaborative project. That said this project is not welcoming to just anyone pushing any old ideology. We are also not interested […]

The occupation of Alcatraz by indigenous activists from 1969 to 1971 was a pivotal event in the history of Native resistance.  It brought attention all over the world to the national oppression faced by the indigenous peoples of Amerikkka. Now this history is being preserved as it should be. From Yahoo! News: Putting graffiti in […]

The following article by Ward Churchill originally appeared in Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 24 (Summer 1985), pp. 16-21. As always, reposting here is for critical discussion and does not imply endorsement or affiliation by or the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement. There is a little considered aspect of the covert means through which the United States […]