This episode of the Pinky Show raises issues such as personal agency, moral obligation, institutional power and the role of university education, in the explicit context of imperialism and imperialist privilege. It starts off a bit slow, but begins to pick up towards the middle. While we don’t claim this video offers any relevant answers, […]

Recently a broad First Worldist movement has cropped up in the US and elsewhere, describing itself as the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ or ‘Occupy Together Movement’ (OWS). There has already been a lot of writing about it from the established First Worldist ‘left’, most of which glorifies the movement along with its potential to be transformed into something more radical and substantive. Others have written about its pitfalls of its ideological orientation, still implying it can be transformed into something more radical and significant. Continue reading

Like others RAIM has been observing and interacting with the Occupy movements in our region.  In contrast to the colonialist messaging of “occupying” many have pointed out that Amerika is already occupied stolen land.  And that the 99 percenters in Amerika are still part of a small percentage of the richest in the world.  MIM […]