Anti-Imperialism.org is a website that provides news, analysis, and culture from a Communist perspective, featuring content that is relevant to the struggle against imperialism and for a revolutionary transformation of society. Anti-Imperialism.org functions as a popular website with news, commentary, essays, and other media for the growing tide of support for revolutionary global democracy.

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  2. I’m confused. Do you follow any specific tendency, or do you just publish anything from any faction claiming to be Marxist? So far I’ve seen articles citing Trotsky and one defending North Korea.

    • We have a specific tendency: Third-Worldism. Although the materials published here mostly reflect a Maoist (Third-Worldist) worldview overall, there is nothing essentially bad about works that cite Trotsky when they use the information well. For instance, in the article we republished by Trotskyists on the Makhnovia experiment, we find references of “stalinism” and other absurd tidbits, but overall it is the best-researched piece available on the Makhnovian experiment that we have been able to find. It is useful for that purpose. We support the DPRK, yes, and we do not find this contradictory to the perspective of Third-Worldism anymore than our support for other independent, progressive anti-imperialist countries currently struggling against western imperialism. We publish what is useful for people in going forward, and what contributes to a Third-Worldist worldview.

      • Hi Sarah.. as your site is called anti-imperialism, I wonder to what extent you are also examining the imperial projects of USSR/Russia, China, and Japan, especially the latter two, as they both hold the most shares of foreign debt of any nations by a long shot.
        As such, we know that China replace US as global hegemon in 1 or 2 decades.

        So yeah, just curious. thx!

  3. You people are fucking insane Not to mention hypocrites for using the platform of the internet and the hardware devices used to access it


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